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Literacy Lubbock advances literacy issues endeavoring to reach both the literate, who have difficulty believing in or supporting a problem so well hidden or disguised as to appear inconsequential or nonexistent, and the illiterate, who have difficulty simply believing in themselves, or seeking help fearful of exposure and the risk of further embarrassment and additional failure.  We strive for dissolution of shame and the resolution of  literacy issues toward an attainment of goals and the opportunity to fulfill life dreams through literacy. Literacy Lubbock uniquely provides a service that lasts a lifetime, because once you’ve learned to read, Reading Is Forever.


Literacy Lubbock provided substantial literacy training and support to 522 adult learners in 2014.  17 of these adult  learners passed the entire GED test to obtain this vital credential.  The GED Program had an average of 217 active students. The Barton Dyslexia program provided dyslexia training in reading to 27 adult learners. The Adult Literacy Laubach Beginning Reading Program had 26 adult learners.  The English as a Second Language Program provided language training to 266 adult learners from 37 countries.The majority of Literacy Lubbock’s adult learners live near or below the Federal Poverty Level.



Over 25 years ago, two wonderful ladies with a background in education decided to create Literacy Lubbock to give everyone who is interested, the opportunity to help those in need. Helping the community grew to become a permanent part of the lives of our members.

Literacy Lubbock Staff

Lynda Dutton, Executive Director

E-mail: literacylubbocked@yahoo.com

Phone: 806 775 3633



Lynda Dutton, Executive Director, has a Master's in Education and a B.S. in Education from Texas Tech University, with an additional twenty-four graduate hours in Counseling Education. Lynda is a member of the TCALL (Texas Center for Advancement of Literacy & Learning) Advisory Board and serves on their Volunteer Training Initiative Committee. Lynda served as a Board Member of the Board of Directors of Literacy Texas from 2008-2012, and served as the Secretary of their Executive Committee.  Lynda also serves on the Board of Directors of Workforce Solution of the South Plains and as a member of their Education Committee.  Lynda is a member of the Lubbock Area United Way Association, and will serve as President of this organization for the years 2014-2015.  During this tenure, Lynda will serve on the United Way Board as a representative of the United Way Association. Lynda implements the strategic goals and objectives of the organization, effectively manages human resources, oversees team planning consultations regarding fundraising and implementation including submission of all foundation grants and proposals, and reviews fundraising records and documentation. Lynda works with the Literacy Lubbock Board Chair and Operations and Development Manager in planning a yearly budget for Board approval.  Lynda confers with the Director of Volunteer Programs in planning the design, curriculum, promotion, delivery, and quality of the organization's programs. Lynda performs other duties as needed. Lynda has been employed with Literacy Lubbock since May 2007.

Julie Laughlin, Director of Volunteer Programs

Email: literacylubbock@yahoo.com

Phone: 806-775-3636


Julie Laughlin, Director of Operations and Development, has a Bachelors Degree in Human Sciences from Texas Tech University. Before coming to Literacy Lubbock, Julie was employed at South Plains College as the Project Coordinator of the Tech Prep Program. Juile maintains all bookkeeping records. Julie is acting communication liaison between other staff members and the Board. Acting as a fundraising coordinator,  Julie works closely with the Executive Director and Director of Operations and Development in team planning, facilitating and record keeping for fundraising programs.

Elizabeth Laughlin, Director of Operations and Development

Email: literacylbkmedia@yahoo.com

Phone: 806-775-3634


Elizabeth Laughlin, Director of Operations and Development, has a Bachelor's degree in English from Texas Tech University and a Master's from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  She  volunteered with the agency for five years, assisting in event planning and social media management, and now, as a full-time employee, works to broaden Literacy Lubbock's impact on the community. Acting as the fundraiser and marketing coordinator, Elizabeth supports the agency in brand recognition, social media, and donations.

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Our Mission:

To create a more literate community, one person at a time.


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