Why study ESL?

Learning English as a second language can open up doorways, allow for connecting with others, and can give you independence.  With English as the language chosen for government, business, and education in this country, learning English can help ease you into these fundamental systems.  Not only that, but it can help you connect with native English speakers and give you self-reliance.


So what can learning English help me do?


In the workforce, a solid understanding of English can be of vital importance when you're up for a promotion, trying to get hired, or moving on to a new career path.  It is of paramount importance when interacting with others, communicating ideas, and understanding instructions.  So much communication happens in the workplace, with most of it being in English.  A solid grasp on English basics can help you succeed in your job.


The best-paying and often most satisfying jobs require training and education.  English is often the language used for education an training.  If you want to move on to higher education, learning English can help you do that.

Commitment and self-esteem

Aside from employment and educational applications, learning English boosts self-esteem and shows committment to achieving goals. It grants you self-reliance because you are able to interact with native English speakers without the use of a translator.  Whether you're now able to speak with your child in English, communicate daily when out in the community, or take part in American culture, your ability to speak English shows your commitment to bettering your communicative skills.

You can do this!  And we're here to help!

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