Why take the GED?

In today's society, education is important.  We use technology education to work our phone and our computers.  We use language arts when chatting with others on social media such as Facebook or Instagram.  Math helps us when we're shopping.  And that's not even mentioning the education and skills you use on the job.  The GED lets others know that you're capable of functioning on a higher level because you put in the time and effort to complete the education required to pass the GED.  That's why so many colleges, universities, and jobs require their students or employees to have a GED.


So what exactly can the GED help me do?


In the workforce, a solid educational foundation can be of vital importance when you're up for a promotion, trying to get hired, or moving on to a new career path.  Nowadays, employment depends on education.

  • Studies show that employees with a GED can earn anywhere between $10,000 to $20,000 more than those without a degree.
  • When considered for a promotion, superiors look at educational background.
  • When applying for a new job, hiring managers look at education.


The best-paying and often most satisfying jobs require training and education and that comes from first getting a GED, then a college degree.

  • Adults without a high school diploma are three times as likely to be unemployed as those with college degrees.
  • Colleges and universities require a GED before accepting students without high school diplomas.
  • College graduates, on average, earned 56% more than high school grads in 2015, according to data compiled by the Economic Policy Institute.

Commitment and self-esteem

Aside from employment and educational applications, getting a GED boosts self-esteem and shows committment to achieving goals.  Succeeding at obtaining a GED reveals attractive characteristics for employers and college application reviewers.

  • Obtaining a GED shows commitment and follow-through, both of which reveal a solid work ethic.
  • Succeeding in a set goal boosts self-esteem.
  • It proves to the world and yourself that you are capable of setting a goal, meeting it, and succeeding.

You can do this!  And we're here to help!



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