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You can empower our community when you donate to Literacy Lubbock.

Our mission is to empower our friends, neighbors, and community by providing free, accessible, and available educational opportunities right here in Lubbock.  Literacy and education are, in our opinion, the building blocks to success and the root problem of a lot of trouble plaguing our world right now.  And as the only adult education nonprofit in Lubbock, we take pride in our mission! 


To empower our students, we provide textbooks, study aids, classroom supplies, computers, tutors, test scholarships, and safe spaces to study.  Whether our students are learning how to read for the first time or finally passing the GED test, we're here to help them succeed.

Because when they succeed, they can chart a course for stability, independence, and growth.  For individuals, higher education can lead to:

  • higher earning potential and career advancement

  • improved employability

  • healthier lifestyles

  • their children's academic success

And when our neighbors do better, our city does better.  Thanks to a better educated community, Lubbock benefits from a myriad of potential benefits, including:

  • lower poverty rates

  • better economic development

  • reduced crime rates

  • lower incarceration rates

  • more civic involvement

  • lesser gender-based violence

  • reduced maternal death rates

Just to say a few!  But we can't do it alone.  As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of donors like you to fund our programs and services.  Your donation, no matter how small, can make a huge impact in the lives of our students and Lubbock as a whole.  So please, donate today!

Yes, I want to empower the adult students in our community and help Lubbock thrive!

Your gift is going to provide second chances to members of our community!


Hey you... whether you donate or not, you're awesome!

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