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In 1989, two wonderful ladies with a background in education decided to create Literacy Lubbock to give everyone who is interested the opportunity to learn how to read.



Let me ask you this: have you ever played with LEGOs before? Believe it or not, education and construction have a strong connection: both require a solid foundation to build something magnificent. Just like your glorious LEGO tower can’t stand without a solid foundation, people can’t succeed without a solid literacy foundation to build upon. From textbooks to online articles, from prescription bottles to cooking instructions, from text messages to health insurance forms—words are vital to today’s living. And sadly, for 13% of the people living in Lubbock County, this lack of a solid base has impacted the entirety of their lives. Literacy affects nearly every socio-economic issue a person might face. Poverty, health, income, employability, prison rates, taxes—literacy affects them all.

Literacy Lubbock’s mission is to support and execute programs that enable people in Lubbock and the surrounding communities to become literate. But what does that mean, exactly? It means we value and prioritize education and literacy. That we encourage our students to reach their full potential and that we support our students as they strive for self-sufficiency and independence. We do that by offering classes, tutors, tools, and resources in three main programs: Basic Reading, GED Test Prep, and English as a Second Language. To encourage the little ones to love reading early on, we have our Family and Childhood Literacy program, where we give away free books and instruct parents on the value of reading to their children. In short, we are in the business of saving lives and giving second chances.


Meet the lovely ladies working behind the scenes to ensure our classes and programs run smoothly.

Julie Laughlin

Julie Laughlin
Executive Director

Elizabeth Laughlin

Elizabeth Rivas
Director of Operations & Development

Melinda Gonzales

Melinda Gonzales 
Program & Volunteer Coordinator

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