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What impact can $18 possibly make?

We buy a classroom
study guide which helps
10 students earn their GED.

The Lubbock economy flourishes with those students bringing in nearly $312,040 annually.

Those 10 students can each earn an average of $31,204 annually in Texas.

You donate $18.

It might sound crazy, but with the power of an education, that $18 can snowball into hundreds of thousands of dollars.


By purchasing a study guide for our classrooms.  That $18 textbook will be placed in one of our many sites, where our students can use it to further their education.  A stronger education can have numerous earning benefits for an individual, including:

  • Higher salaries

  • More upward potential in their career path

  • More available jobs

  • Better benefits

And that's just in salary, to say nothing of the health benefits, lower incarceration rates, and less poverty all around.  But the really amazing thing is what this does for Lubbock on the whole.

Since those 10 students have a higher education, they can earn more money.  And now that they're earning more money, they're spending more.  Which, in turn, helps Lubbock thrive.  Let's break it down:

All that just from an $18 donation.  Which is why, this holiday season, we're asking for your help.

Please donate to Literacy Lubbock today, so that we can purchase more curriculum for our classes. Our specialized textbooks are made by industry powerhouses, with extensive experience in education. It's why we trust them with our students' futures!


But we need to purchase more classroom sets of curriculum for our new GED and ESL sites, and we can't do that without you.


So please, donate today! Every dollar helps and Lubbock thrives with every donation made!

Yes, I want to empower the adult students in our community and help Lubbock thrive!

Your gift is going to provide second chances to members of our community!


Hey you... you're awesome!

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