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An Inside Look at our Free GED Classes in Lubbock

Earning your GED after not being in school for a while can sound intimidating. You might think you've forgotten what you've learned, you might get test anxiety, or you just might not know where to start on your own. Luckily, Literacy Lubbock provides free GED classes, tutors, and resources to help you tackle the test and receive your GED credential. Let's break down all the insider information about those free classes below.

Class Locations

We get that transportation may be an issue when it comes to selecting your class. You want one that's close to you and is easily accessible. We've been extremely fortunate to partner with some amazing collaborators, and they've opened their doors to give you the space to study. Our incredibly partners and class locations include:

  • Mahon Public Library

  • Wolfforth Public Library

  • The Dream Center

  • Buckner Family Hope Center

  • Catholic Charities

  • Hodges Community Center

As you can see from the list above, we have classes peppered throughout Lubbock. That way you can find the class location that works best for you and your busy life.

Class Times

Oftentimes, adults have a hefty pile of obligations to juggle. That's why we stagger our GED class times, to ensure we have something that can fit into everyone's schedules. Need to study in the morning? We've got you. Are you free in the afternoon? We have classes that meet. Hoping you can attend classes at night? We've got those too. And the best part is that you can attend whichever classes work best for you on any given day. This is perfect for students who might have shifting schedules. Once you register as a student with Literacy Lubbock, you can attend any of our classes. So what work for you one week might change the next, and we understand. We don't trap you into a single class, but rather encourage you to attend when and where you can.

Amazing Tutors

Thanks to our generous and wonderful volunteer tutors, we have a veritable army ready and willing to help you understand the material. From Language Arts to Math, from Social Studies to Science, our amazing tutors have the knowledge and experience to help you understand and learn. But more than that, they're there to motivate you. We believe somewhere around 75% of the students who register score better on their first test than they thought they would, and oftentimes, they need little to no tutoring to tackle that first subject. You could already have all the

knowledge you need to pass the GED, and our volunteer tutors will be there to motivate you to do it each step of the way!

Get Your Schedule

If you're ready to take the leap, we'll be here to catch you! To get a free copy of our schedule, and unlimited access to our free classes, volunteers, and study materials, register with us today. Earning a GED can lead to more earnings, a stable career, and financial security. So if more money, a better job, and a stable outlook for your family sounds like something you want, register for our GED program today!


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